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The following is a list of frequently asked questions, please feel free to contact us with any other questions.

What should I bring?

We suggest you bring soft sided luggage or duffel bags to make stowage of your luggage easier.  Here is a list of essentials to bring with you:

Passport for each member of party
Sunscreen, lotion type only please.  Spray on and oil based sunscreens can cause the decks and cockpit cushions to be slippery and are not recommended
Sunglasses with polarized lenses
Hat or visor
Bathing suits
Casual clothing in lightweight and quick dry fabric
Windbreaker or lightweight rain jacket
Rubber soled sandals or water shoes
Lightweight hiking shoes or running shoes (optional)
Camera gear and underwater camera

Where will I meet the boat?

Each charter is customized to best suit your travel arrangements.  Generally each charter starts and ends at noon.  Upon booking you will receive information on where to meet your boat and crew.  If you choose to stay on land before and/or after the trip, we can recommend accommodations.

What will be the itinerary?

The itinerary will be based on your preferences whenever possible.  Your crew will have extensive knowledge of the anchorages and can take you to quiet secluded coves for unspoiled snorkeling or you can choose to explore the islands by land for shopping, meeting the locals and enjoying the nightlife. 

What type of meals and drinks will we be having onboard?

You will be sent a food and beverage preference sheet to fill out with your charter party and return.  Your chef will use your preferences to create customized menus for you. 

What ages of children are allowed on the yacht?

A sailing vacation in the tropics can be a fantastic family vacation experience.  We have no age limit, but suggest that your children be good swimmers.

Is smoking allowed on the yacht?

Smoking is not allowed anywhere onboard the yacht or dinghy, however you are welcome to bring cigars and cigarettes to enjoy on shore.  Illegal drugs are also not allowed on the yacht or there will be cause for immediate termination of the charter with no refund of lost days.

What is included in the charter fee?

The charter fee includes all meals onboard (please see sample menus) beverages (sodas, waters, juices) beer, wines and a standard ship's bar, (premium liquors and wines can be put onboard at your request for an additional fee).  Also included are water and fuel for the yacht and dinghy. 

The charter fee does not include crew gratuity or shore activities such as dining ashore.  Your crew will be happy to arrange for activities on shore, including recreational sports and dining ashore.  If you invite your crew to join you for dinner ashore as your guests they will be delighted to do so, but if you prefer to dine out without them, they will not be slighted in the least. 

What should we tip the crew?

Gratuity is not mandatory but always appreciated.  If you've enjoyed the crew's efforts, the customary amount of gratuity in the crewed charter yacht industry is 10 to 20% of the charter fee, and generally given to the captain in an envelope just before disembarkation.